About AlToufic Arabic School

aboutusHead of School’s Welcome

I’m a veteran social worker who has been working with Canadian new comers for over 20 years. While I am always keen on helping new comers adjust to their new home Canada, I am always encouraging kids to preserve their heritage of languages and good morals.

Throughout the journey of my life and my many achievements; AlToufic Arabic School have always held a special place in my heart. Seeing how our young students growing up to be the talanted and confident men and women who are proud of their background is something that always brings happiness to my heart. I’ve seen this in my kids & always look forward to seeing in again in the rest of our students.

Fatena Akache
​Head of School

Our School

Our school offers classes for children ages 4 to 16, every Sunday for three hours.
In these weekly classes, children learn, develop, and maintain Arabic language skills through exercises in reading, writing and speaking. Students are placed in the proper academic level after assessed for Arabic language proficiency.

Our Misson

The purpose of the school is to consolidate the Arabic language, the Islamic beliefs and practices in our children through the teaching of the Arabic Language, Quran and Sunnah.