Registration for the school Year 2021-2022 has started..


Dear Parents/Guardians,

Last week you received an email from our team in regards to the upcoming school year with three options for you to enroll your children for the 2021/2022 school year.
Due to such a high demand from parents, we have decided to only provide Online Learning at this time. We will be using Zoom to hold weekly classes starting September, 2021 (date to be determined). 
Please follow this link to complete the online registration form. Kindly note, only one form is needed per family.
Registration is not considered completed until we have successfully received an e-transfer payment to altoufic@gmail.com.
Registration Fees:
$400/per child – online learning, registration, books for the complete academic year (including return to school)
Please note, should you decide to wait until we resume in-person learning, the registration fees will be $475/per child.
Thank you all for your patience and support,
Al-Toufic Arabic School

التسجيل للدراسة للعام الدراسي  ٢٠٢٢/٢٠٢١ للتعليم عن بعد عن طريق الإنترنت المستمر عن طريق ملئ إستمارة التسجيل وإرسالها لبريد المدرسة الإليكتروني

 eTransferتسديد المصاريف عن طريق ال

School registration for the year 2021/2022 for internet remote learning have started by completing the registration form & emailing it back to our school email

School fees payments will be via eTransfer

سيستمر الوضع على ما هو عليه إلتزاماً بمقاييس الأمان الخاصة بالكرونا المفروضة عن طريق مجلس پييل للمدارس والهيئات الطبية بأُونتاريو

This arrangement will remain in effect in compliance COVID-19 enforced measures By Peel School Board & Ontario health bodies

Peel District School Board Twitter’s post:

Please stay safe & Properly wash hands every time you can.. 

The purpose of the school is to consolidate the Arabic language, the Islamic beliefs and practices in our children through the teaching of the Arabic Language, Quran and Sunnah.

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